Vitiligo is caused by the lack of a pigment called melanin in the skin. Melanin is produced by skin cells called melanocytes, and it gives your skin its colour. When the Melanocytes that produce your melanin become damaged, your skin starts to turn white, and normally the first signs are small spots appearing. So, what exactly is Vitiligo ‘Panda’ Eyes? And what can you use for Vitiligo ‘Panda’ Eye Treatment.

Where does the Panda come into it?

No, you definitely do not have a Panda bear as an ancestor! What is meant by a genetic origin of your Vitiligo is that one of your forbears, a parent, or a grandparent, for example, probably had an auto-immune disease.


Perhaps someone in your family had Vitiligo, or some other condition that is caused by autoimmunity, such as diabetes, cancer or an under-active thyroid. Auto-immunity is simply a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body, thinking that it is a foreign germ.

The immune system guards your body against germs like bacteria and viruses. But sometimes it gets a little carried away and attacks some perfectly normal cells in your body. 

Don’t despair!

Vitiligo is not deadly. Your guard cells will get a little carried away attacking skin cells, but that will not kill you. You will not even feel ill if you have Vitiligo, even if it is around your eyes. Vitiligo does not attack your essential organs and it does not destroy your skin.

Take control of your body. Only use proven treatments and if required contact one of our consultants for more in-depth help or advise.

Why the eyes?

Cases of Vitiligo around the eyes are common. For many people, the first signs of Vitiligo are the appearance of white patches around the eyes as cells in the skin lose their pigmentation. Those who manage to treat the condition at that point, may not go on to show further signs of Vitiligo.

The areas around apertures or openings in the wall of skin, such as eyes, ears and mouth are particularly susceptible to Vitiligo, possibly because we tend to rub our eyes, ears, or mouth more than most other parts of the face.


Because we are taught to look into someone’s eyes when meeting or talking to a person, we immediately notice the eye area. Likewise, we tend to drop our gaze to a person’s lips every now and then when a person is speaking. This means that eyes and lips are prominent when we look at a person, and if the Vitiligo is in that area, it is immediately noticeable.

Vitiligo Eye Treatment:

It is important that you use a specially formulated treatment for around the eyes. You have to be very careful because the skin around the eyes is very, very thin. The skin surrounding the eyes is far more delicate than general skin on the rest of your face and you already know to use gentle cleansers and creams on your face.

What is Vitiligo ‘Panda’ Eyes?

Vitiligo that appears around the eye maybe localised, or it could also be caused by Allergies, Scratching, or Trauma to the skin area around the eyes. Remember that the skin around the eye area is thin, sensitive, and therefore more susceptible to the condition.

We do find from assessments received that loss of pigment around the eyes is normally more apparent in children and this is due to rubbing or scratching of the eye area. The trauma in this case to the skin around the eyes may trigger the condition.


Another form of trauma to the eyes is the sun. sun damage to the face is normally more apparent on the thinner skin membrane around the eyes which becomes red, and also sometimes swollen. Once the swelling goes down and the damaged skin peals away, we often see the white spots appearing and they start spreading around the eye area.

In some cases, the sufferer maybe also be prone or predisposed to Vitiligo, and the Vitiligo then stays localised to the eye area only.

Vitilox® Vitiligo Rapid Eye Treatment:

Our new Vitiligo Rapid Eye Treatment has been formulated for the treatment of the sensitive skin area around your eyes and on your eye lids.

Since the face plays a critical role in physical attractiveness and is most likely to affect self-esteem, we felt compelled to address this issue and have formulated a product that can treat the face and eye area quickly and safely.

As the Vitiligo Rapid (VR) product is more of a concentrate of our Pigmentation Cream, we are also able to treat the smaller spots on the face area as well.

From our clinical trials we have seen excellent results in also treating the white spots on and around the Outer Lips, Ear Lobes, and Early Spots of Vitiligo that appears on the face and forehead.

Vitiligo Eye Treatment - Case Study

Vitilox® Vitiligo Rapid Eye Treatment:

This product can also be used for treating stubborn and small spots on the hands, feet, and areas where a small spot refuse to repigment.

Note that we are replacing our Vitilox Maintenance Serum with this new product, and although we are sad to let the Serum go after so many years, we do have a much better product in the new Vitiligo Rapid Treatment.


Wash your face with warm water, and dry it thoroughly before applying the Vitiligo Rapid (VR) Cream. Note that when applying this product only a very small amount of the VR (Vitilox Rapid) cream is required on the white Vitiligo areas.

Application is advised twice a day, in the mornings and evenings.


Remember that at Vitiligo Treatment we do not sell a one product fixes all product, but we do have a range of products required to successfully treat the many different Vitiligo Conditions that do exist. Please fill out our free Vitiligo Assessment form if you would like to submit your own Vitiligo condition, and one of our consultants shall respond with the correct products for your own Vitiligo condition.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information pertaining to this article – Vitiligo ‘Panda’ Eye Treatment – or require any additional detailed information on our products.


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